OPTELLENT is a provider of broadband test & measurement solutions for communications. OPTELLENT’s test and measurement solutions are designed to offer unprecedented low-cost of ownership and ease of use. The Company’s test & measurement solutions are used in product development, manufacturing, and field installation and maintenance. Applications for OPTELLENT’s products include testing of optical components, modules (transceivers) and subsystems, IC testing, networking equipment, and network installation and maintenance. Both single-mode and multi-mode fibre applications are supported.

Optical Switches for Single & Multimode Applications

The OPS-Series is a multi-channel optical switch for single or multimode fibre. The rack-mountable instrument can switch up to 4 input fibres to any of up to 48 output fibres in a simplex or duplex mode.

OPS- Series Optical Switch

The OPTELLENT OPS-Series Optical Switch is a cost-effective easy-to-use all-optical switch solution for demanding applications in fibre optic instrumentation and communication. The rack mountable instrument can switch up to 4 input fibres to any of up to 48 output fibres in a simplex or duplex mode, independently of data format, wavelength or optical power. The switch supports either single or multimode fibres. Optical connections are set by a MEMS-based switch network, where micro-machined silicon mirrors redirect light to the selected ports. The use of MEMS technology offers solid-state reliability and long-term stability. The OPS-Series Optical Switch can be controlled locally using RS232 interface or from anywhere over the internet using its standard Ethernet interface. An intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) enables easy point-and-click operation.

Key Features

  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Highly Reliable
  • For Single and Multi-Mode fibre
  • Efficient and Easy-to-Use
  • RS232 and Ethernet Interfaces


  • Multimode and single mode fibre optic testing
  • Automated multi-channel testing of optical components, subsystems and systems
  • Datacom and telecom fibre network monitoring

OPS Data Sheet

ORS – Series Multi-channel RF Switch

The OPTELLENT ORS-Series Multi-channel RF Switch is a cost-effective easy-to-use switch solution for testing components and systems in R&D and manufacturing environments. RF connections are routed through an absorptive switch network capable of fast and reliable switching. Multiple channels can be re-arranged using software to achieve different configurations. The switch is available in bench-top and rack-mountable chassis.

Key Features

  • Wide bandwidth
  • High Reliability
  • Multi-channel options
  • Efficient and Easy-to-Use
  • RS232 or USB Interfaces


  • Wireless and fiber optic testing
  • Automated multi-channel testing of RF components, subsystems and systems
  • Wireless and datacom network monitoring

ORS- Series Multi-channel RF Switch Data Sheet