32 GHz Clock Generator
The OPTELLENT CGR-X320 is a cost-effective, easy-to-use clock generator system for R&D and manufacturing environments. It generates differential line rate clock, and a low frequency trigger in a compact module. The CGR-X320 produces a variable clock output between 24 and 32 GHz with a resolution of 10 kHz.

An intuitive Graphical User Interface enables easy pointand- click operation. The Optellent CGR-X320 software runs on Windows platforms over USB or RS-232 serial interface via an RJ-45 Connector provided on the front panel.

Key Features

  • Differential Clock Outputs
  • Supports datacom and telecom protocols
  • 10 kHz resolution
  • Trigger output for synchronizing other equipment


  • Reference source for PPG/BERT/RZ converters
  • Testing of optical transceivers, transponders, linecards, and subsystems
  • Testing of Gb/s ICs, electronic modules, subsystems, and systems
  • Serial high-speed backplane and board design


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