The OptoBERT family of BERTs offers the best value in the industry for bit-error-ratio testing of optical and electrical components, subsystems
and systems. OptoBERT family of products covers data rates from 100 Mb/s to 11.5Gb/s.


OptoBERT™ OPB1250
1.25 Gbps Compact Bit-Error-Rate Tester
The OPTELLENT OptoBERT™ OPB1250 is a cost-effective easy-to-use bit-error-rate (BER) measurement system for testing components and systems in R&D and manufacturing environments as well as field installations. It incorporates a pattern generator, clock recovery circuits, and a bit-error-ratio analyzer in one compact module that provides both electrical and optical interfaces at data rates up to 1.25Gb/s. The OptoBERT integrated system eliminates the need for additional interface modules to test devices. An intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) enables easy point-and-click operation. The GUI displays error counts, BER, and features a unique error-events display for measuring events such as signal interruption due to optical switching. The OptoBERT has a recording feature to output the measured BER results into a spreadsheet file without any programming or scripting.

Key Features

  • Integrated Generator and Analyzer
  • Easy-to-use and Cost-efficient
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface
  • Automated Measurement Report
  • Unique Error Events Display
  • Electrical and optical interfaces


  • Production testing of optical transceivers, diplexers/triplexers, and subsystems
  • Production testing of Opto-electronic components and devices TOSA, ROSA, lasers, etc…)
  • Production testing of Gb/s ICs, electronic modules, subsystems, and systems
  • Product development and qualification testing
  • Installation testing and troubleshooting in optical transport networks
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