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Optellent Introduces Compact 4-channel 10Gbps Bit-error-rate Tester

(March 23, 2009; San Jose, CA) – Optellent, a provider of high value test and measurement solutions for product development, manufacturing, and field installation, has introduced the OPB04X10, the industry’s most compact 4-channel 10-Gbps bit-error-rate (BER) tester. This device is the latest addition to the OptoBERT™ family of optical/electrical BER testers and is ideal for active optical cable and multi-channel 10Gb/s transceiver applications.

“By introducing the OPB04X10 OptoBERT™ tester, Optellent has responded strongly to the need for efficient and cost-effective means of testing multi-channel 40G, and 100G products”, stated Vinod Ramakrishnan, Optellent’s President and CEO.

The OPB04X10 features four electrical unframed data generators and four electrical BER analyzers which can run at the same data rate or optionally at independent data rates between 9.95 and 11.32 Gb/s. The OPB04X10 has built-in clock and data recovery functions, and comes with an intuitive Graphical User Interface as well as drivers for test automation.

“The new 4-channel OptoBERT™ tester further strengthens Optellent’s leadership in providing practical, highly flexible, and economical test systems that significantly increase the productivity in cable, IC, and transceiver manufacturing applications”, Ramakrishnan continued. “We have also augmented our OptoBERT™ product line with an OPB5000 tester that operates up to 5 Gb/s and offers pre-/de-emphasis options.”

The OPB04X10 and the OPB5000 products will be on display in the Optellent booth, #T1538, at OFC/NFOEC, March 24-26, San Diego, California, USA.

About Optellent – Optellent Inc. specializes in test and measurement solutions for product development, manufacturing, and field installation. Optellent’s product offerings include OptoBERT™, the best value in the industry for bit-error-ratio testing of fibre-optic and electrical components, subsystems, and systems. Optellent’s products are designed to offer simplicity, ease of use, and low cost of ownership, making them ideal for product development and manufacturing testing. Optellent strives to exceed its customers’ expectations and welcomes requests for customization. For more information, visit:

OPTELLENT has established itself as a leading supplier of affordable, easy-to-use and high quality test equipment and solutions. Multiple companies around the globe rely every day on Optellent’s testers for their R&D and manufacturing. Now, Optellent is excited to introduce to its North American customers a flexible, affordable, and worry-free rental program. Optellent’s rental program includes maintenance and calibration and offers credit toward ownership on the rented equipment.

Month-to-Month Rental Program

 Feature  Advantages
Monthly Payment
  • Affordable and competitive monthly rates
  • Minimum out-of-pocket expenditure
  • Preserve your capital
Length of Rental Agreement
  • Month-to-month
  • Pay only for what you are using
  • You may return and cancel
Buyout Option
  • Earn up to 70% credit of the buyout price at the time of the agreement
  • Minimum 4-month rental to exercise your buyout credit
  • Own the equipment at great savings
Service Plan
  • All units calibrated prior to shipment
  • Maintenance & calibration at no charge for the duration of rental period
  • Free Software drivers for test automation
  • Access to Optellent Support
  • Worry-free utilization of equipment
  • Easy integration of rented equipment into your testbed
  • Expert support directly from the manufacturer
  • Monthly then prorated weekly after first month of rental
  • Billing ends the week the equipment is received at Optellent
  • Cancel anytime after the first month rental

Rental Returns

To return test equipment you have rented, simply call or email to request a Return Merchandize Authorization number (RMA #).
Simply return the rented equipment to the address below. Please write “Rental Return and the RMA # ” on the outside of the box.
To avoid charges, please include all accessories that accompanied the rental.

Optellent, Inc. 4075 Evergreen Village Square, Ste 160, PMB 144 San Jose, CA 95135 U.S.A